Tweet Tweet from my balcony

I live in a place where there are many pretty birds but they seldom come out of their nest.This is me and my story

I was and still am very interested in birds so I wanted to make a bird feed to make the birds come to my balcony and thus learn about them, I mean who doesn’t?I made it (not with the help of my parents) using an old Ferrero rocher box. Soon after I put food in my  bird feed out on the balcony,  birds of different sizes and colours started flooding to eat my tasty , delicious home-made food. I have a chart for the food that I will be giving them on a weekly basis. Monday begins with yummy oats (from mom-dads breakfast pots), tuesday I will sneak out some choco-pops from my breakfast (Shhhh!!!! don’t tell Mum), then there is cooked rice, yummy biscuits from my baby sistahs tiffin and so on……………

The bigger birds were trouble………………. as they were eating all the food and leaving nothing for the little birds (mostly mynas and rainbow lorikeets).Soon I found a way to solve that by giving each of them the foods they like.

The mynahs and rainbow lorikeets like biscuits and rice and Magpies love my Coco Pops!:)Well this was life until one unfortunate day.I was looking at the birds as I usually do and a swift raven came and swooped down and the rainbow lorikeet got so scared it flew away and it never came back again .Slowly all birds got scared of the ravens except for the ravens themselves of course.My hobby was slowly fading away.


My parents were filled with sorrow to see me so desp so they found another way I could stop this problem,to stick a raven feather on the box.Now you might think I am superstitious but actually It shows that a raven has died and then ravens will not come near it!This story was about me when I was 6 and 4 years past I still use this strategy and always think how lovely my parents are and that I should always care for them.Come on folks what’s your story[seriously please comment!:]or else the smile will be upside down!]




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